Thursday, December 17, 2009

Terms of design

Following are my Terms of Design:
NOTE: I only design for BLOGGER Blogs! 

All persons wanting to be added to the wait list will need to pay a $25 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be applied to the cost of the total design. By submitting the deposit, you are agreeing to these terms. I will contact you when I am ready to start your design.

All payments are made through PayPal. I will send you an invoice for the deposit before you are placed on the wait list, and I will send you a final bill when I am finished with your design. I will not be able to upload your design onto your blog until the final payment has been paid. If you pay with an E-check, I will upload your design when it clears.

All blog designs are non-refundable. Sweet Cheeky Designs does not issue partial or full refunds for any reason.

Custom designs are one of a kind designs that I spend a lot of time designing and creating especially for you. If there are a lot of demands and details that you want incorporated into the design, I will inform you of a $25 custom design fee before I start on the design. 

Once I have showed you the design, you will have 2 rounds of changes. If there are excessive changes, I will notify you and you will be billed $25 per hour for my time. When you have approved the design and the design is installed on your blog, the design process is over and there will be no more design changes.

After your design is completed, I will delete all my files/images associated with your blog design. If you are going to want header or side button changes in the near future with the same design, please discuss that with me and I will let you know what is involved in that process.

If you decide you want another designer to design for you, you do not have to contact me. Please make sure that your template is reset and remove all elements from Sweet Cheeky Designs. You may not have another designer coordinate designs to go with your Sweet Cheeky Design. Contact me for coordinating designs.

The wait time is an estimate and only an estimate. I work as quickly as possible to get to your design and spend the same amount on each customer so that you are happy with your design. Please be respectful of this and don't send me emails checking on your turn. There is a wait list queue and I also twitter so please check those first.

I will communicate with you via email. Please check your email often while I am working on your design. I reserve the right to put your design on hold and start on the next customer if I have not heard from you within 5 days. Please contact me if you know that you are not going to be available. I am flexible and can hold your design for you only if you contact me.

A Sweet Cheeky Designs button will be located on your sidebar or at the foot of your design giving back credit to my website and/or any digital designer that was used in your design. As long as you keep the design on your blog, please keep the button visible and do not delete it.

Sweet Cheeky Designs are protected under a Creative Commons Copyright. Istock photos and digital kits are used by permission only. Please don't copy my designs or add to them.