Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Please copy and paste this questionnaire into an email and send it to me at I will need to have this questionnaire sent back to me before I start working on your blog. Email any pictures that you want in your blog to me as well.

1. Name:

2. URL of Blog: http://

3. BLOGGER ID and Password:
**Please make sure you give me CORRECT login and password! Check and then check again!! :)

4. Photobucket ID and Password:
A photobucket account is where I house all the graphics that I create for you. You can get a free account HERE

5. Layout Design choice and Price: (ex: Cheeky Design $50)

6. Title and/or Subtitle of New Blog:

7. Custom Blog? Colors and patterns you are wanting:

8. Scrappy Blog? Digital kit Name and Designer or graphics choice(s) Name and #:
**It helps if you send the link so I can click on it and go right to it.

9. Digital kit price and/or commercial fee price:

10. Any items you dislike in the kit:

11. Do you have a preference for the background:

12. What do you want your side buttons to say (about me, archives, etc.):
(Try not to use many words. Ex. My most favorite blogs I like ---> Favorite Blogs)

13. What do you want your signature to say?
(Do you have a font preference- cursive, certain color)