Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nav Bar

Links for your Navbar

If you want me to include a nav bar in your header, I would appreciate your help. Each word on the nav bar has to go somewhere when it is clicked. This is called a link. I am going to show you how to do this for your blog.

Let's do one together for the About Me page.

Go make a post. Title it About me and start writing a post about yourself and how you got started in your business or just about you in general. Include pictures and graphics if you like. Now, you don't want your readers to see this post as the beginning post on your blog, so let's go into the post date and time and put an older date on the post so no one will see it quite yet. Look in the left corner while you are writing a post. Click on Post Options. That will pull up a box on the bottom right that has a place for post date and time. You can put any past date in that box and then click Publish Post.

Now, go into edit posts and all of your posts will be displayed. Find the post you just did, About me. (You may want to remember the date you created!) When you see your post in the list, click on VIEW- not edit. Your About me post will show on your blog. Go to your browser and click on the url and that's your link!

It will look something like this:

If you are wanting to link to another blog or flickr or something that is not a post that you create, simply go to the browser, click on the url and that's the link you use!

Overwhelmed? Just email me and I will help you!