Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Custom Designs

If you are wanting a design that is made just for you, a custom design is definitely the way to go. I will take colors of your choice, patterns of your choice, and/or photos of your choice and make a design that will express who you are and what you want your blog to say about you.  

I can design your blog using simple patterns (stripes, polka dots, damask) or if you are looking for a particular theme or illustration, you can search istockphoto which houses thousands of graphics. I do ask that you not buy anything without checking with me first- I just may have it in stock- plus, I will need the image in a certain format.

I also ask that you research and have some kind of idea on what you are looking for in a blog design. I will not design unless I have an idea of what you want and your questionnaire is completely filled in. 

Custom design to coordinate with a baby nursery


Clean, simple blog with istockphoto graphics


Photography blog with colors, doodles, and photos


Istock graphics, colors, and falling cherry blossoms


4 Rotating Headers, colors, & doodles (swirls)


Istock graphics, harlequin background, frame templates


Istock graphics, dot background, glitter words

Fabulous, bright colors, photos, frame template, nesting nav bar

Istock graphics, colors, photos


Istock graphics, colors, white body